These 6 Home Remedies To Cure Blisters Quickly!!!!

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When using new shoes, it is normal that we develop some type of blisters. These can also happen if we use one.

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Tool to perform our activities and their use greatly rubs our skin.

Needless to say the uncomfortable that these turn out to be, so it is not strange that we find many people looking for a way to relieve the blisters in some drug pharmacy.

However, these are not the only ones that can alleviate the discomfort generated by the blisters, but with the help of home treatments, blisters can be cured.

With cheap and simple ingredients to find in any market.

Heal Your Blisters & These Home Remedies

  • We can all experience the discomfort of the blisters, so it is very important to learn how to heal them.
  • They may be small but they are no longer torture and pain for many people.
  • The blisters are nothing more than small raised skin bags, which become inflamed and filled with a clear liquid. The areas that are most affected by them are our feet and hands, due to the friction that may exist in them.
  • When they appear, they only inform us of the damage that our skin has suffered due to some activity that we have done.
  • Although they can heal on their own, they often bother for a long time, and when they burst, they become even more annoying.

6 Solutions For Blisters

  1. To relieve the pain of a blister, you can use an ice cube to rub the area.
  2. Using lavender essential oil also helps. Put a few drops on a gauze and place it on the skin.
  3. The aloe vera can be applied directly to the ampoule once it has burst and thus will improve healing.
  4. Immerse the ampoule in hot water with salt will be the most efficient to disinfect it.
  5. Apple cider vinegar is a perfect healing and antibiotic, so using it in the blister, will be most prudent.
  6. You can also rub a clove of garlic into the blister and let it act for 5 to 10 minutes. That way you will not get infected.

It Is Recommended

  • You should never burst a blister.
  • Once one has burst, do not lift the skin that protects it from becoming infected.
  • Do not cover the blister, let the wound breathe.
  • If you wear gauze, remember to change them periodically.
  • If you become infected, you should see your trusted doctor.




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