Are You to Stress ?? That’s what you need to relieve it

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    The search for a stress compensation often involves the refrigerator. Instead of multiplying the exciting and unnecessary snacks, choose foods that soothe the relaxing sustainably.

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Almonds: Full magnesium and vitamin E

    “Stress is a major provider of free radicals that damage cells,” says Dr. Denis Lamboley, author of Antistress minute (ed. Leduc’s). To neutralize their effects, so do not skimp on antioxidants. The kernel, in this regard, is an ally of choice because it is a good source of vitamin E (26.2 mg / 100 g). It is also full of magnesium (268 mg / 100 g), “the” ultimate anti-stress mineral. When the pressure rises, the magnesium tends to run away with the urine. But it takes a great deal to reduce its vulnerability to stress. 

Bananas, rich in potassium 


    Easy to carry, it is a potassium mine (450 mg per fruit), a mineral that reduces the acidity of the body, boosts brain oxygenation and tempers anxiety. And as it is also very energy (90 kcal / 100 g), it avoids untimely meltdowns, the source of kilos of stress. An appetite suppressant preferred if burnout. 

Mackerel: a bomb of omega 3 

    Tasty and cheap, it delivers the plethora of fish omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids that promote the transmission of nerve impulses. Studies have shown that consumption dwindled aggressiveness induced by stress. Omega-3 also inhibit the overproduction of cortisol, the stress hormone. 200g mackerel (or 2 g of omega-3) twice a week is enough to reduce our vulnerability to stress.


Cod for a peaceful sleep

    Also known under the name of cod, the fish contains glutamic acid, which the body uses to synthesize a neurotransmitter – GABA – which promotes relaxation and slows the heart rate. It reduces spasms and facilitates sleep. A must stop nervousness. 


The turkey breast to boost hormone serenity

    It is the ideal meat to not go into a spin. It indeed brings a lot of tryptophan, an amino acid essential to the production of serotonin, the hormone of serenity. The white meat is also antioxidant because it contains acetylcysteine, an essential compound in the defense against free radicals. The flesh also delivers vitamin B6, a powerful anti-stress agent that potentiates the action of magnesium.


 The broccoli rich in vitamin C

    Like all green vegetables, it is full of nutrients that can be defects in times of stress. But broccoli is distinguished by its record levels of vitamin C ( 60 mg / 100g,)  almost twice than an orange! Its flowers are effective in controlling free radicals and prevent cortisol peaks.

Green tea, relaxing nectar

    Although it contains the caffeine, the equivalent of caffeine, tea relaxes the body and mind without inducing drowsiness. This virtue is the presence of L-theanine, an amino acid that generates relaxing alpha waves in the brain, as do massages and warm baths. The right dose: 100 to 200 mg of L-theanine / day, evening 5 cups of green tea infused length.

 Dark chocolate, allied anti-shock stress

    It’s rich in magnesium ( 75 mg to 35 g of chocolate with 70% cocoa ) forge an anti-stress shield. It has been shown that chocolate aficionados have lower blood pressure and cortisol levels in the blood below those who almost never eat.




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