Coconut Oil Does Wonders For Your Skin And Hair, But You’ll Fall Off Your Chair When You Hear The Newly Discovered Effect It Can Have!!!!

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One of the most commonly diagnosed types of cancer is colorectal cancer. There are over 95 000 new cases of colon cancer and over 40 000 new cases of rectal cancer every year only in the USA.

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The disease is deadly as well – more than half of the patients die within one year. The main problem with this kind of cancer is that the conventional cancer therapies like the radiation and chemotherapy are not always effective, and they also have terrible side-effects.

According to the study that was published in the Cancer Research journal at the University of Adelaide, there is one safe and natural way to treat colorectal cancer. The natural remedy is coconut oil, which is an edible oil derived from coconut flesh that contains lauric acid. The scientists believe that lauric acid has powerful anti-cancer properties. In the studies, the compound managed to eliminate even 90% of cancer cells in only 48 hours, although the tests were done in-vitro.

Further research on the coconut oil’s anti-cancer properties is not possible at the moment as a result of lack of funding. The big pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in investing in some research that will surely cut down their profits.

Besides being a very powerful anti-cancer agent, the coconut oil also has other health benefits. As we mentioned, it’s rich in lauric acid, the compound that also found in breast milk. Lauric acid can strengthen the immune system and treat and prevent many different diseases and conditions. According to many scientists, coconut oil is beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, gallbladder infections, viral infections, chronic diseases and some types of cancer. The coconut oil can also negate the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

 As you can see, coconut oil is very healthy and a silver bullet for numerous diseases and conditions. The cosmetic industry also uses this oil as a remedy for skin blemishes, and many women swear in its beautifying effects.




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