Good Info : What Is Your Face Trying to Tell You, Face Map!!

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For many years, the Chinese medicine has been ”reading” the face in order to find out if your body has any health issues.

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A person’s skin is sensitive and it would show if there is any health problem, which is a logical explanation. According to this technique, every part of our face is related to a different body part and the health issues are presented in the form of spots, lesion, complexion changes or rash.

The following face map will show you how to detect any health issue in your body.

  1. Forehead is related to the problems with digestive system. They appear as an over-consumption of fats, sugars, processed foods, high alcohol intake and sometimes high stress levels. You should drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol to treat this problem.
  2. Eyebrow arch is connected to kidney problems. They are vulnerable body organs and you can harm them by consuming too much alcohol and smoking. Also, if you have some heart problems and impaired circulation. The solution is to drink plenty of water and to decrease the intake of alcohol, sugar drinks and coffee.
  3. The spot between your eyebrows is related to the problems with your liver. They can appear as a result of chronic tiredness or over-consumption of meat. This makes your liver and your stomach overloaded, so they cannot function properly. Having allergies to some foods can also badly affect the function of the liver. You should eat more fresh foods and be physically active in order to treat this problem.
  4. The nose is related to cardiovascular diseases, such as impaired circulation, bloating, stomach acidity, etc. They can all lead to different heart problems and high blood pressure. To treat this issue you need to do regular medical check-ups and use prescribed treatments that will balance them. Being physically active and consuming green tea can also be very helpful.
  5. Cheekbones are associated to the lungs. If you have any spots on your cheekbones, they can be an early indicator of asthma or breathing problems that come as a result of smoking or air pollution. You should quit smoking and reduce the exposure to polluted air.
  6. Having some changes to your cheeks is related to lungs and kidney problems. These changes appear as a result of high sugar intake, stress, smoking and poor diet. You need to have a balanced diet with high-quality problems in order to treat this issue.
  7. The mouth and the chin are associated to problems with your stomach. An irritated stomach can be a result of a high sugar consumption, coffee, too much alcohol, fats, and spices. Irregular sleeping patterns and being stressed can also cause stomach issues. To treat them you need to change your diet and eat more raw foods, fruits, and vegetables. You should definitely stop consuming spicy foods.
  8. The jaw and the neck are connected with the hormonal imbalance, which can appear as a result of too much salt or spicy foods using. Using too much caffeine can also lead to hormonal imbalance. You need to reduce the salt, spices and caffeine intake and drink a lot of water in order to treat this problem.





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