Are you having a hard time feeling queasy and nauseous? Is morning sickness tiring you out a lot? Well, it is very common in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you are lucky, it stops after 12 weeks of pregnancy. But there are those unlucky lots who continue to experience morning sickness even after 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Although morning sickness is not harmful to you or your baby, if you experience excessive vomiting and your food just doesn’t get down, it might be hyperemesis gravidarum.
Hyperemesis gravidarum could become harmful to you and your baby if you leave it untreated due to lack of nutrients and electrolyte imbalances. Consult your doctor immediately and get it treated. Morning sickness is a misnomer. Some women feel the symptoms get worse in the morning and ease during the day, however, it can strike at any time and get worse that could last all day long.

What do you do about it? There are many tips and tricks which could help ease and relax.

7 Tips To Ease Morning Sickness

1. Sniff Lemons

    Morning sickness is often smell-associated. A smell of perfume in your office elevator or an unpleasant odor from the garbage truck passing by could make you squirmish and nauseous.
During pregnancy, your body is high in estrogen, the hormone that’s responsible for the sense of smell.
Does that make sense now, why do have a radar nose during pregnancy !? Potent, ugly smells could turn your tummy.
The Most Unexceptional thing to do is to sniff lemons when you cannot walk away from the unpleasant scent, that will help you…

2. Breakfast In Bed

If you are desperate to find some solution to banish that awful feeling of sickness, have breakfast in bed.
Getting up from bed on an empty stomach in the morning will make you feel queasy.
Even before you get out of bed, get your partner to bring food to eat.
Have a small snack as toast in the bed and try to eat it slowly.

3. Eat Small Meals

   Having an empty stomach is not recommended when pregnant.
Especially if you are suffering from morning sickness, keeping an empty stomach might aggravate it.
Eating small meals and often can help keep your sugar levels even.
Healthy snacks and nuts to nibble throughout the day will help.
Try not to have too much of spicy, acidic, fatty, or fried foods which may trigger nausea.

4. Take Pregnancy Multivitamins

   Although there is no evidence to prove that multivitamins help ease morning sickness, taking it might help reduce the nauseous feeling.
It also ensures the daily recommended dose of folic acid and Vitamin D.

5. Plenty Of Rest

   Sometimes lying down is the simplest of all solutions.
Take lots of rest to catch up on your sleep.
Morning sickness could be due to stress and tiredness too.
Make sure you get the right amount of rest and relaxation to feel energetic.

6. Talk About It

   Being vocal about your feelings to people around you would alleviate the sickness.
You will feel good and also refreshed when your friends and family empathize with you. Don’t you think so !?
So talk about your morning sickness to people who would understand to feel good.
Know tips from friends who have experienced morning sickness to get rid of the queasy feeling and feel better.

7. Ginger

   Haven’t you heard of ginger as stomach soother !?
Add a thin slice of ginger in hot water or tea and sip it to help you feel better.
Use in moderation and if you don’t like the taste, ginger capsules and tablets are even available.