look : 9 exercises to relieve you of Backache

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    Called “evil of the century”, back pain affecting more and more people. Here are some exercises and simple rules to follow to strengthen his muscles and avoid these back pain, which can quickly become debilitating in everyday life.

1.Do a quick warm-up

    For that, nothing simpler. Perform a series of rotations of the shoulders, neck, arms, with two or three sets of 10 every time.

2.While sitting, stretch your back and neck

    While standing or sitting, stand up straight, avoiding digging the lower back. Start by stretching the upper back by holding the contraction of the shoulder blades for five to ten seconds. Exhale contracting and inhale when returning to starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 times and then pause for two minutes. Chain together on a second series of 10 for best results.

3.Round the back and neck

Still sitting, doing now work your lower back. Bow down to the front, the chest on the thighs, hands wrapped around them. Hold 20 to 30 seconds while controlling your breathing

4.Win your back ground

    It is now to “the board”: lying on his stomach, resting on bent forearm and tiptoe, take off the basin and soil knees holding the position for 20 seconds. Repeat three times, with a 20 second rest period.

5.Continue with stretching

    This exercise is a total body stretching, stretching called “cat”. Kneeling on a mat, you lean forward without lifting the buttocks heels. Stretch your arms up returning the head between them. Join this movement a deep breath, swelling in the chest.

Variant: Slide your hands to the left or right and feel the opposite side of the back stretch.

6.Grow you through stretching

    While standing this time, arms raised to the sky but chin tucked inward, stretch your head up gradually stretching your arms. When you feel the stretch in your back, release suddenly and roll on you -even forward to bottom, beginning with the cervical vertebrae and the dorsal and lumbar finally. Then go into your back drop, starting with the lower back and the dorsal and cervical finally. A repeat three times.

7.Strengthen your lumbar spine

    Sitting on a chair, blow on returning the stomach and wrapping the lower back and breathe through the abdomen and “arching” lower back. Exercise to be performed by sets of twenty. A repeat twice.

8.Beware of sitting

    The seating position is becoming longer every day, especially facing a computer screen. Keep your back straight at most, with or without support folder. Tip: Consider varying your position regularly and do not hesitate to get up and take a few steps to stretch.

9.Beef yourself through sport

    Finally, remember that in addition to these exercises, you can strengthen your back muscles every day by an adapted sports: swimming, walking, cycling and weight training … It’s your choice.

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