After Reading This, You Will Not Go To Bed Without A Lemon In Your Socks!!!!

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Cracked and ugly looking heels is something that lots of people deal with, especially in the summer. They are not a pleasant thing for the person itself and they also are not a good sight for the others people to view. The first thing that you think of when you see some person with cracked heels is that he/she requires hygiene.

There are many different creams on the market, as well as rubbing stones and different other tools that can assist you, but their effects don’t last long. You have to repeat the procedure every day or even twice a day and your heels will still not be soft and silky.

Needless to mention, the cracked heels can bring unbearable pain and can be annoying too.

There is a natural product that is going to make your feet beautiful and soft once again. We are talking about lemon.

This method of using lemon for this aesthetic issue is very simple and easy. You will only need one lemon but large enough to cover the entire heel.

Here’s What You Need To Do

  1. First, you need to cut the lemon at the half. Prepare a fresh juice from both parts and don’t throw away the lemon skin. The lemon skin is what you are going to use as a treatment for your heels.
  2. Be careful while squeezing the juice of the lemon, because the pulp should be left inside.
  3. Put the lemon halves directly on your heels. They should cover the heels completely. You might feel strange at the beginning as you are not used to keeping something on the feet but eventually, you will get used to it.
  4. Be sure that all the rough parts of the heel are covered with lemon peel. Put on your socks and wear them so that the lemon parts remain at the right place.
  5. Best results are achieved if the lemon pills stay for the entire night but if you cannot keep them, let them stay on the feet for at least an hour.
  6. The lemon juice is going to work as a chemical peeling and will remove the dry and cracked skin. You are going to see the results almost immediately.
  7. The cracked parts of the heel will be gone and your heels are going to be much softer and silky! Repeat this procedure whenever you need or at least once a week as a prevention.




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