This Yoga Poses for Kids & Their Benefits

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There are a massive array of poses and asanas in Yoga and innumerable variations with uncountable advantages. Many times, it feels like Yoga is complicated to perform; the truth is, that Yoga can be practiced by everyone and even the hardest looking asanas can be performed with high levels of concentration.

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Though many yoga asanas cannot be performed when one is suffering from pains, disorders, and problems; they can always be replaced by poses that have the same effects on the body- that is the magical power of Yogic knowledge. 
There is a misconception that Yoga is only for grown-ups or adults. In the true sense, Yoga is as important for children as it is for adults. In fact, practicing Yoga at a young age has many benefits for the growing child.

Kids Yoga is a set of basic Yoga exercises that kids can perform with ease and have fun while doing so. Children do not have strong bodies like adults so, they cannot perform all exercises in Yoga. But, there are many Yoga asanas that kids can perform without injuring themselves. Yoga poses for kids are designed to provide the benefits of Yoga and simultaneously prepare better bodies and better souls. Yoga is the practice of knowledge, after all!

Benefits of Yoga poses for kids

  • Yoga poses for kids are easy to perform and very simple to understand. Yoga at a young age will give a child the right beginning to initiate exercises. Yoga, as mentioned before, has a very positive effect on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a person. Yoga has in numerous benefits that prove to be ideal for a child’s healthy growth. Yoga poses for kids ensure proper physical activity, hence strengthening the child’s body. Yoga asanas play a major role in providing sound sleep and adequate rest to the body.
  • It keeps a child active throughout the day, making room for more grasping and learning power. Apart from these major benefits, Yoga poses for kids also help in growth, maintaining weight and staying healthy overall.

Some of the most beneficial Yoga poses for kids

  • Yoga poses for kids are structured in such a way that they don’t take a toll on a child’s body. Many Yoga asanas are difficult to perform and a little child may initially find them difficult to perform. Children are not really strong but, they have loads of energy and natural flexibility that they can sustain by practicing Yoga.
  • Some of the most beneficial Yoga poses for kids are jotted below:

Bridge Pose

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and facing upwards
  • Both your hands must touch your heels
  • Now, placing the back of your head firmly to the ground and pick your torso up
  • Raise your hips as high as possible but make sure you hold your heels with your hands
  • The portion from your knees to neck appears like a slide
  • Kids with back or neck problems or injuries must avoid performing this Yoga pose

Benefits: This Yoga pose is good for increasing height and also to work the back and hip muscles. It also strengthens neck and upper back.

Salutation Seal

  • Sit in the Sukhasana pose
  • Keep your spine straight
  • Join your hands (Namaskar) and raise them above your head
  • This is a very simple pose that can be done by anyone

Benefits: This Yoga pose looks really simple but, when performed while breathing deeply, it enables excellent circulation of blood. It also improves the capacity of blood in carrying oxygen. Good concentration, focus, active body etc. are some of its primary benefits.

Candle pose

  • Lie on your back with your hands holding your lower back
  • Raise your lower back and place your elbows below, while your hands still hold your waist
  • Raise both your feet up. You must take the support of your hands in lifting your entire body
  • Make sure your neck stays firmly on the floor
  • Kids with neck problems must avoid doing this Yoga asana

Benefits: This asana strengthens the respiratory system and ensures proper circulation of blood to the brain. It strengthens a child’s neck and also plays a major role in ensuring good sleep.

Mountain Pose

  • Stand erect with your legs shoulder width apart
  • Your spine should be straight while your hands are firmly placed on the side
  • Now, stand on your toes while slowly raising your hands up
  • Stretch your hands as high as you can, it is important to keep your hands parallel to each other
  • Children having cramps or muscle tears must not perform this asana

Benefits: This Yoga pose is one of the best exercises that give you a straight, strong and aligned back. In other words, you get the perfect posture. It strengthens and stretches almost all muscles of your body helping you increase your height.

Tree pose

  • Stand erect with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Raise both your hands and join them on top of your crown (Namaskar)
  • Bend your left leg inwards and place it on your right groin
  • Do not go on your toes. Keep stretching upwards
  • Kids with groin problems must not perform this

Benefits: This asana improves balance and strengthens the leg muscles. It also strengthens the ligaments and tendons of the limbs. This asana stretches the back and sides of your upper body facilitating scope for a better height.

Warrior II Pose

  • Split your legs apart till there is a considerable distance between them
  • Bend your left knee and turn your ankle in the direction of your knees
  • The other leg must stay straight
  • Open your hands wide, parallel to the ground and face the direction of the bent knee
  • Kids with back problems must do this with low intensity

Benefits: Stretches groin, chest, hip flexors, lower back, shoulders neck, and leg muscles. Stimulates abdominal organs and indirectly helps them in staying healthy and functioning in a better manner.

Sunrise Pose

  • Stand straight with your legs slightly apart
  • Raise both your hands up and arch backward reaching the far-most point at the back
  • Hold for two to three seconds
  • Now bend down and touch your fingertips to your toes
  • Make sure that you don’t bend your knees while performing this
  • Children having back problems, muscle tears etc. must avoid performing this Yoga pose

Benefits: Excellent pose for increasing height. This pose stretches your back, calf, hamstring, thigh, upper body and neck muscles.


  • Standing straight, raise your left hand up
  • Dropping your neck to the right side, arch your upper body towards the right
  • You may bend your elbows for a better stretch
  • Kids with shoulder problems and injuries must not perform this

Benefits: Works the neck and stretches the rib portion of the body. It stretches your shoulders, triceps, and muscles around your armpit. Overall, this pose helps in strengthening arms and providing a good stretch for the growth of your upper body.


  • This is a fun pose that has a bit of playfulness as well. This exercise requires being performed by a couple of kids, together.
  • Sit down facing your partner at a considerable distance
  • Knees should be bent initially
  • Now, each child should raise his/her legs up and join it with his/her partner’s leg, midair
  • When both the soles are firmly touching each other, the kids must put their hands forward and hold them
  • Pressure must be applied on the soles so that a good stretch is obtained
  • Kids with hamstring injury must not do this

Benefits: This yoga pose for kids improves lower back strength, works the leg muscles, especially the ones above the knees-strengthening them.


Surya Namaskar for kids

  • We all know that Surya Namaskar is a unique set of Yoga poses that stretch all the muscles of the body. Surya Namaskar for kids can play a major role in developing a child right from an early age.
  • All the 12 poses of this exercise set are very beneficial in sustaining immaculate performance of the internal organs. They keep diseases away and strengthen the body from within.

  • Children must do these yoga poses for kids regularly right from a young age because their bodies are flexible when they are young. Early practice will keep them flexible and strong going into adulthood, building a foundation for a healthy life.
  • Practicing Surya Namaskar regularly at a young age will make it a habit for young minds and they will start doing it as a daily chore.
  • Yoga poses for kids are easy to perform exercises that children can enjoy and execute freely. Performing these asanas at a young age is very beneficial as it acts as a foundation on which a healthy life can be lived. By the time adulthood arrives, a person’s body loses flexibility and fitness due to lack of exercise. To maintain child-like flexibility and energy levels, performing yoga regularly is essential as it can ensure very healthy living.




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